Top 20 Highly Demanded Jobs for Entry-Level

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In the dynamic landscape of today’s job market, identifying and pursuing entry-level positions that are in highly demandable jobs is crucial for individuals embarking on their professional journeys. As industries evolve and adapt to changing trends, certain roles emerge as particularly sought after by employers, offering aspiring professionals valuable opportunities to kick start their careers.

This compilation highlights the top 20 highly demandable entry-level jobs across various sectors, shedding light on the key roles that employers are actively seeking. Whether in technology, healthcare, finance, or other fields, these positions not only serve as entry points into the workforce but also pave the way for meaningful and rewarding career paths. As we delve into the details of these coveted roles, we gain insights into the skills and qualifications that can set individuals on a trajectory toward success in the competitive world of work.

highly demanded jobs
highly demanded jobs

1. Entry-Level Software Developer is High Demand Jobs

The software development field continues to experience strong growth, with many lucrative entry-level job opportunities available for aspiring developers. Here are some of the most in-demand entry-level software developer roles right now:

  • Front-End Web Developer – These developers use languages like HTML, CSS and JavaScript to code user-facing portions of websites and web applications. Average salary: $69,000.
  • Mobile App Developer – Mobile app developers build applications for smart phones and tablets. Proficiency in Java, Swift or Kaitlin is required. Average salary: $73,000. 
  • Software Engineer – Software engineers develop systems and applications using languages like Java, Python, C++ etc. Problem-solving skills are critical. Average salary: $78,000.
  • Full-Stack Web Developer – Full-stack developers work on the front-end and back-end portions of web applications. Experience with JavaScript, databases and web frameworks is required. Average salary: $75,000.

The main requirements for entry-level developer roles include some programming experience from coursework, internships or personal projects. Strong problem-solving skills and knowledge of core computer science concepts are also valued. Math skills, attention to detail, and the ability to work as part of a team is also advantageous. Demand for software developers is growing rapidly, so those interested should move quickly to gain skills and apply for open roles.

2. Highly Demanded jobs with Entry-Level Registered Nurse

The registered nursing field is experiencing robust growth and offers many entry-level job opportunities for new nurses. Here are some of the most in-demand roles:

  • Medical/Surgical Nurse – Work in hospitals caring for adult patients with medical issues or recovering from surgery. Average salary: $60,000.
  • Emergency Room Nurse – Provide urgent care to patients in emergency rooms for conditions like injuries, respiratory issues, etc. Average salary: $65,000.
  • Home Health Nurse – Visit patients at their homes to provide wound care, medicine, treatment, etc. Average salary: $55,000.
  • Long-Term Care Nurse – Care for elderly or disabled patients in nursing homes, assisted living or hospice facilities. Average salary: $50,000.

To qualify for a registered nurse role, candidates must complete a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing degree and pass the NCLEX-RN exam for licensure. Strong interpersonal skills, stamina, attention to detail and critical thinking are also required. The most in-demand nursing jobs require compassionate individuals who can think fast and handle high stress levels. With an aging population, the job outlook for registered nurses is excellent. Those interested should research nursing programs to start preparing for this rewarding career path.

3. Highly Demandable Entry-Level Customer Service Jobs

Customer service representative roles are prevalent across many industries and offer promising opportunities for those entering the job market. Here are some of the most in-demand customer service jobs: 

  • Retail Customer Service – Assist customers in stores with purchases, returns, complaints etc. Average salary: $28,000.
  • Call Center Customer Service – Talk to customers by phone to handle questions, troubleshoot problems and offer product information. Average salary: $32,000.
  • Customer Service Specialist – Respond to customer queries by phone, email, chat or social media for a specific company or product. Average salary: $38,000.
  • Client Services Coordinator – Act as a liaison between companies and their customers or clients. Average salary: $42,000.

The main requirements for customer service representative roles include good communication abilities, patience, problem-solving skills and basic computer literacy. Many employers also look for a high school diploma and 1+ years of experience working with customers. Customer service jobs often require multitasking, stress management and critical thinking skills as well. With strong growth in ecommerce and technology, hiring demand for customer service reps is substantial. Customers always need support, so this is an excellent entry-level career choice.

4. Highly Demandable Entry-Level Medical Assistant Jobs

Medical assistants play a vital role in healthcare facilities and are enjoying significant job growth. Here are some of the most in-demand entry-level medical assistant roles:

  • Clinical Medical Assistant – Assist physicians by taking patient histories, preparing exam rooms, collecting samples, and explaining procedures. Average Salary: $32,000.
  • Medical Administrative Assistant – Manage front office operations including scheduling appointments, billing, maintaining records, and answering calls. Average Salary: $34,000.
  • Medical Laboratory Assistant – Process lab specimens, collect samples, conduct basic tests, and assist lab techs. Average Salary: $30,000.
  • Medical Scribe – Document physician-patient encounters in real time to record symptoms, treatment plans, and notes. Average Salary: $29,000.

The main requirements for entry-level medical assistant jobs include a high school diploma or equivalent and certification from an accredited program. Strong organization, communication skills, and professionalism are also essential. Medical assistants should be comfortable using EHR software and have basic knowledge of medical terms and procedures. With the healthcare sector expanding, there is high need for qualified medical assistants. It’s an excellent role for those interested in starting a career in healthcare.

5. Highly Demandable Entry-Level Sales Representative Jobs

Sales jobs are prevalent in nearly every industry and offer great opportunities for motivated professionals to get their foot in the door. Here are some of the most in-demand entry-level sales representative positions:

  • Retail Sales Associate – Sell products and services to customers in retail stores. Average Salary: $25,000.
  • Insurance Sales Agent – Sell various insurance policies including health, life, property, and more. Average Salary: $45,000.
  • Sales Development Representative – Prospect potential new clients and generate interest in purchasing products/services. Average Salary: $55,000.
  • Pharmaceutical Sales Rep – Promote and sell prescription drugs and medical equipment to physicians and hospitals. Average Salary: $60,000.

Key requirements for entry-level sales roles include strong interpersonal skills, self-motivation, persistence, and the ability to work independently. Sales experience from internships or summer jobs is advantageous. Sales roles also require basic math skills, communication abilities, and a high school diploma or bachelor’s degree depending on the industry. With the right personality and drive, sales can be a rewarding and lucrative career choice straight out of college. The high demand makes it very accessible for new graduates looking to gain business experience.

highest demanded jobs
highest demanded jobs

6. Highly Demandable Entry-Level Accountant and Auditor Jobs

The accounting and auditing fields offer new graduates many stable, well-compensated job opportunities. Here are some of the most in-demand roles:

  • Junior Accountant – Perform general accounting, bookkeeping, and reporting tasks. Prepare financial statements and other analytics. Average Salary: $45,000.
  • Accounts Receivable Clerk – Update accounts receivable records, prepare invoices, and collect payments owed. Average Salary: $38,000.
  • Payroll Administrator – Process payroll data, issue payments, maintain records, and ensure compliance. Average Salary: $42,000.
  • Associate Auditor – Assist with internal and external audits of organizations’ financial records. Average Salary: $50,000.

Entry-level candidates should have a bachelor’s degree in accounting or finance. Certifications like CPA or CMA are assets. Strong math, organization, analytical, and communication skills are required. Accounting experience through internships is also preferred. With companies across all industries needing accounting expertise, job growth is projected to be over 10% in the next decade. Accounting and auditing are stable professions offering good opportunities for new graduates.

7. Highly Demandable Entry-Level Social Media Manager Jobs

Social media management is a fast-growing field with many opportunities for new graduates. Here are some of the most attainable entry-level roles:

  • Social Media Coordinator – Manage social accounts, create engaging posts, monitor brand mentions and conversations. Average Salary: $38,000.
  • Content Marketing Specialist – Create written and visual content tailored for different social platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Average Salary: $45,000.
  • Digital Marketing Assistant – Support email campaigns, SEO initiatives, market research and data analysis. Average Salary: $36,000.
  • Social Media Community Manager – Interact with followers, respond to comments and questions, grow communities. Average Salary: $40,000.

Entry-level social media roles require a bachelor’s degree in marketing, communications or a related field. Internship experience in social media is highly valued. Skills needed include excellent writing, creativity, analytics abilities, and proficiency with social platforms and digital tools. Social media managers must stay on top of evolving technologies and trends. With businesses increasing their social media marketing budgets, this is a promising career path for new graduates.

8. Highly Demandable Entry-Level Marketing Specialist Jobs

Marketing specialist roles allow new graduates to apply their knowledge in a business setting while gaining valuable experience. Here are some attainable entry-level marketing jobs:

  • Marketing Assistant – Support initiatives like email campaigns, market research, data analysis and event planning. Average Salary: $35,000.
  • Media Planner – Develop detailed plans specifying how, when and where ads will run to reach target audiences. Average Salary: $45,000.
  • Marketing Coordinator – Organize marketing projects, track results, conduct competitive research and maintain brand standards. Average Salary: $42,000.
  • Content Marketing Writer – Create original text, video and graphic content for marketing campaigns across different platforms. Average Salary: $40,000.

Entry-level marketing specialists should have a bachelor’s degree in marketing, communications or business. Strong writing, creative thinking, organization and analytical skills are required. Experience with marketing tools and software like CRM platforms is also valued. As companies increase investment in digital marketing initiatives, this field offers new graduates ample opportunities to gain experience and advance their careers.

9. Highly Demandable Entry-Level Financial Analyst Jobs

Financial analyst roles allow new graduates to leverage their analytical skills to evaluate investments, assess risks, and support financial planning. Here are some attainable entry-level financial analyst positions:

  • Junior Financial Analyst – Assist senior analysts by compiling data, creating models, and preparing reports. Average Salary: $50,000.
  • Investment Operations Analyst – Support trading activities and ensure processes comply with regulations. Average Salary: $45,000.
  • Budget Analyst – Review budget proposals, track expenditures, analyze trends and make recommendations. Average Salary: $55,000.
  • Actuarial Assistant – Compile data, perform calculations, and assist actuaries with insurance models and forecasts. Average Salary: $60,000.

Entry-level financial analysts need a bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting, economics or a related quantitative field. Strong math, analytical and problem-solving abilities are required. Finance internships are highly valued. This is a promising career path for those interested in data analysis. With businesses needing support on investments, forecasting and strategic financial planning, demand for qualified analysts is growing steadily.

10. Highly Demandable Entry-Level Administrative Assistant Jobs

Administrative assistants play a key support role in organizations across all industries. Here are some of the most attainable entry-level administrative jobs:

  • Office Assistant – Provide clerical support by answering phones, organizing files, preparing documents and greeting visitors. Average Salary: $30,000.
  • Executive Assistant – Support senior executives by managing calendars, arranging travel, preparing reports and communications. Average Salary: $45,000.
  • Legal Administrative Assistant – Assist lawyers by managing cases, documentation and calendars. Average Salary: $38,000.
  • Medical Administrative Assistant – Work in healthcare facilities handling appointments, billing, medical records and coordination. Average Salary: $32,000.

Entry-level candidates should have strong organization, communication and computer skills. Proficiency in software like MS Office is required. Many administrative jobs require an associate or bachelor’s degree. With administrative support needed across all functions, there are abundant opportunities for administrative assistants to gain experience and advance. Detail-oriented individuals thrive best in these vital support roles.

11. Highly Demandable Entry-Level Teacher Assistant Jobs

Teacher assistants provide critical support in school classrooms for students and instructors. Here are some of the most attainable entry-level teacher assistant roles:

  • Preschool Teaching Assistant – Work alongside lead teachers in preschools and daycares to support instruction and supervise students. Average Salary: $25,000.
  • Special Education Teaching Assistant – Assist students with special needs by providing individual support and aid. Average Salary: $27,000.
  • Elementary School Teaching Assistant – Help elementary school teachers with classroom activities, lesson plans and grading. Average Salary: $28,000.
  • ESL Teaching Assistant – Help instructors in ESL programs by preparing materials, tutoring students, and monitoring progress. Average Salary: $29,000.

Entry-level teaching assistants usually require some college coursework or an associate’s degree. Experience working with children is valued. Excellent communication skills, patience, organization and creativity are essential. Teaching assistant roles offer the chance to gain classroom experience while deciding whether to pursue teaching long-term. With student enrollment expanding, hiring demand is steady for qualified teaching assistants.

demanding job
demanding job

12. Highly Demandable Entry-Level Management Trainee Jobs

Management trainee programs allow recent graduates to develop business acumen and leadership abilities on the job. Here are some popular entry-level management trainee roles:

  • Retail Management Trainee – Learn store operations, inventory management, marketing and customer service while training to become a retail store manager. Average Salary: $30,000.
  • Hotel Management Trainee – Rotate through hotel departments including sales, front desk operations, housekeeping, maintenance, and accounting to gain operational experience. Average Salary: $35,000.
  • Bank Management Trainee – Train through each area of bank operations including lending, investment management, finance, and customer service. Average Salary: $40,000.
  • HR Management Trainee – Build HR skills in areas like talent acquisition, compensation, employee development, and labor relations. Average Salary: $45,000.

Management trainees need a bachelor’s degree and strong leadership potential. Communication skills, business acumen, problem-solving abilities, and quantitative skills are essential. Trainee programs let high-potential candidates accelerate their management careers. With demand for managers growing steadily, competitive applicants are likely to launch promising careers.

13. Highly Demandable Entry-Level Data Entry Clerk Jobs

Data entry clerks play an important role in organizations by maintaining accurate digital records. Here are some attainable entry-level data entry jobs:

  • Billing Data Entry Clerk – Enter payment information into databases to generate invoices and keep financial records up-to-date. Average Salary: $33,000.
  • Claims Data Entry Clerk – Enter information from claims forms for insurance providers to process payments. Average Salary: $34,000.
  • Electronic Health Record Clerk – Input patient data into medical records software to keep information organized and accessible. Average Salary: $31,000.
  • Customer Service Data Entry – Enter customer information from forms into customer relationship management (CRM) systems. Average Salary: $29,000.

The main qualifications for entry-level data entry roles are fast and accurate typing, basic computer abilities, and organizational skills. Attention to detail is crucial. Some roles may require an associate’s degree. Data entry experience in an office setting is helpful. With data needing constant digitization across industries, demand for qualified data entry clerks is steady.

14. Highly Demandable Entry-Level Medical Records Technician Jobs

Medical records technicians play a vital role in healthcare by organizing and managing patient information. Here are some of the most attainable entry-level roles:

  • Medical Billing Records Tech – Process patient billing data, submit claims, track payments and appeal denied claims. Average Salary: $33,000.
  • Medical Coding Technician – Review clinical documentation and assign diagnostic and procedure codes for insurance billing and data analysis. Average Salary: $34,000.
  • Health Information Management Clerk – Compile patient charts, maintain record integrity, and ensure compliance with regulations. Average Salary: $31,000.
  • Clinical Data Analyst – Track healthcare outcomes, analyze trends, and report data to improve quality of care. Average Salary: $36,000.

The minimum requirement for entry-level jobs is an associate’s degree in health information technology or a similar field. Strong organization, attention to detail, and database abilities are essential. These growing roles offer an accessible path to develop a career in healthcare. With healthcare providers needing accurate recordkeeping, hiring demand is steady for qualified medical records technicians.

15. Highly Demandable Entry-Level Receptionist Jobs

Receptionists play a crucial role as the first point of contact in many organizations. Here are some of the most attainable entry-level receptionist roles:

  • Front Desk Receptionist – Greet visitors, answer phones, provide basic information, and assist with administrative tasks. Average Salary: $28,000.
  • Medical Receptionist – Check patients in for appointments, collect payment, answer questions, and update medical records. Average Salary: $30,000.
  • Law Firm Receptionist – Interact with clients, organize case files, route calls, and provide administrative support. Average Salary: $32,000.
  • Corporate Receptionist – Oversee lobby area, coordinate meetings/events, answer calls, and facilitate office visits. Average Salary: $35,000.

Entry-level receptionist roles require a high school diploma or equivalent and strong communication abilities. Customer service experience is preferred. Candidates should be professional, organized multi-taskers. With demand across all industries, receptionist roles are widely available for those looking to gain practical office experience.

16.   Highly Demandable Entry-Level Human Resources Assistant Jobs 

Human resources (HR) assistants provide valuable support to HR departments in finding and managing talent. Here are some attainable entry-level HR assistant roles:

  • HR Coordinator – Assist with recruiting, onboarding, training and retaining employees. May support compensation, benefits and HRIS systems. Average Salary: $38,000.
  • HR Administrative Assistant – Provide administrative support to HR managers with recruiting, reporting, recordkeeping and event coordination. Average Salary: $36,000.
  • Payroll and Benefits Administrator – Process payroll, administer benefits programs, maintain records, ensure legal compliance. Average Salary: $40,000.
  • HR Data Entry Clerk – Enter employee information into HR databases and information systems in an accurate and timely manner. Average Salary: $33,000.

Entry-level HR assistants usually need some college coursework in human resources or business. Strong organization, communication, and data entry skills are essential. HR assistant roles are a good way to gain hands-on experience in human resources functions while deciding if it is the right career path.

17. Highly Demandable Entry-Level Web Developer Jobs

Web developer roles allow new graduates to apply their technical skills to build and program functional websites and applications. Here are some attainable entry-level web developer jobs:

  • Front-End Web Developer – Use HTML, CSS, JavaScript and frameworks like React to code client-side web pages and interfaces. Average Salary: $67,000.
  • Back-End Web Developer – Develop server-side web applications and APIs using languages like Java, Python, Ruby, etc. Integrate databases. Average Salary: $75,000.
  • WordPress Developer – Build and customize websites and blogs powered by WordPress through plugins, themes, and PHP. Average Salary: $46,000.
  • Web Maintenance Developer – Maintain, update, and improve existing company websites for optimal speed and user experience. Average Salary: $55,000.

Entry-level web developers should have a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field with coursework in programming and web technologies. Having a portfolio of work from internships or personal projects is advantageous. This is a promising role for those looking to break into the lucrative tech industry.

entry level jobs
entry level jobs

18. Highly Demandable Entry-Level Paralegal Jobs

Paralegals play a crucial role in the legal industry by supporting attorneys and law office operations. Here are some attainable entry-level paralegal roles:

  • Litigation Paralegal – Assist lawyers by investigating facts, organizing documents, and preparing for trials. Average Salary: $50,000.
  • Corporate Paralegal – Help with mergers, acquisitions, IPOs and other legal tasks for corporate clients. Average Salary: $53,000. 
  • Real Estate Paralegal – Prepare property closing documents like deeds and mortgages for real estate transactions. Average Salary: $48,000.
  • Family Law Paralegal – Aid family law attorneys with adoption, custody, divorce and other cases. Average Salary: $47,000.

Entry-level paralegal jobs require an associate’s degree in paralegal studies or a certificate program. Strong research, organization, communication and legal knowledge are essential. Paralegal roles offer an accessible path to gain experience in the legal field. With demand growing for legal services, hiring trends for paralegals are quite strong.

19. Highly Demandable Entry-Level Survey Researcher Jobs

Survey researchers help organizations and research firms gather data to assess needs, evaluate programs, and guide decision making. Here are some attainable entry-level survey researcher roles:

  • Survey Interviewer – Conduct interviews over the phone or in-person using scripted surveys and record responses. Average Salary: $33,000.
  • Survey Administrator – Distribute surveys, track responses, send reminders, and ensure high participation. Average Salary: $38,000.
  • Survey Analyst – Review survey data, analyze trends and patterns in responses, and report insights to stakeholders. Average Salary: $42,000.
  • Survey Methodologist – Design scientifically valid surveys, select appropriate sampling techniques, and minimize bias. Average Salary: $45,000.

Entry-level survey researchers need some social science coursework with knowledge of statistics. Communication skills, attention to detail, and the ability to follow meticulous protocols are essential. With businesses, government, non-profits and academia needing survey insights, demand for qualified entry-level researchers is growing.

20. Highly Demandable Entry-Level Pharmacy Technician Jobs

Pharmacy technicians provide key support to licensed pharmacists in dispensing medications. Here are some attainable entry-level pharmacy technician roles: 

  • Retail Pharmacy Technician – Assist pharmacists by verifying prescriptions, preparing medications, taking payment, and maintaining inventory. Average Salary: $30,000.
  • Hospital Pharmacy Technician – Work in hospital pharmacies filling medication orders and assembling crash carts for code blue teams. Average Salary: $32,000.
  • Compounding Pharmacy Technician – Prepare customized medications like hormone therapies, pain relievers, and chemotherapies. Average Salary: $34,000.
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Technician – Assist in pharmaceutical manufacturing by compounding, packaging, inspecting and testing drugs. Average Salary: $36,000.

Entry-level pharmacy techs need a high school diploma and formal training program or certification. Strong attention to detail, math skills, and customer service abilities are required. Demand for pharmacy technicians is robust in both retail and clinical settings, creating steady job opportunities.


In conclusion, the pursuit of a fulfilling and rewarding career often begins with securing a promising entry-level position. The constantly evolving job market has identified and prioritized certain roles that are particularly sought after by employers. These top 20 highly demandable entry-level jobs not only provide opportunities for professional growth but also serve as stepping stones for ambitious individuals to carve out successful and prosperous careers.

Whether in technology, healthcare, finance, or other sectors, these positions reflect the dynamic nature of the workforce and the skills that are currently in high demand. As aspiring professionals explore these diverse opportunities, they can position themselves for a bright and promising future in the ever-changing landscape of the professional world.

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